• When can I start using the OE carrier with my child?

Answer: You can start using OE carrier as soon as your child can sit up unsupported.

  • Can women use OE carrier?

Answer: Absolutely Yes. OE carrier is designed to be carried the same way as backpack carrier or hiking backpack. The hip belt is adjustable vertically to accommodate different sizes. 

  • How much does OE carrier hold?

Answer: The frame of the OE carrier is rated at 130 Lbs which is well above a typical 5 year old child. Therefore we don`t set a weight limit, however our main guideline is 45 Lbs/20 Kg to make it a comfortable carry for the parent. 

  • Is there a height limit on the OE carrier?

Answer: The recommended height limit is 45 inches.   

  • What if I am not satisfied with the carrier?

Answer: You can arrange return by contacting us directly through email or though the "CONTACT US" page. We can provide support over email or over the phone. If some part is missing or broken, we can send replacement for free. The OE carrier comes with lifetime warranty.

  • What is the warranty term?

Answer: The OE carrier comes with lifetime warranty. 

  • Is OE carrier safe?

Answer:  OE carrier has been tested and approved by SGS lab USA for Physical & Mechanical strength, according to both ASTM F2236-16a and ASTM F2549-14a . The material is free from harmful chemicals like lead and phthalates. You can download the test reports here.

The leg straps replace the traditional hand grip during shoulder carrying and attach the child’s legs to the harness. The backrest protects the child from falling backwards and the adults head prevents the child from falling forward. A waist belt is provided for extra safety. Parents do need to be aware of obstacles above their head, which would also be the case when carrying your child on the shoulders without OE carrier. 

We recommend using the OE carrier only outside.



Warning: The OE carrier must not be used as a standalone chair. It is designed for use after the bearer has secured the child in the seat using the belt and the bearer has the child on his or her shoulders.

Warning: Never leave the child in the OE carrier unsupervised.

Warning: Always use child retention system.

Warning: Always bend at knees. Leaning, bending over or tripping can cause you and the child to fall.

Warning: Do not use the OE carrier until your child can sit upright on his own,according to current recommendations from the board of public health.

Warning: A child in a OE carrier sits higher than the bearer.Please be aware of obstacles in your surroundings such as door frames,branches, ceiling fans or other potential hazards in your path of travel.

Warning: The bearer of a OE carrier must be aware of the following rules:

-The bearer can be put off balance if the child moves around in the seat.

-The bearer must be very careful when leaning forward or backward.

-OE carrier is suitable for recreational use, not sports activities.

-Be extra attentive when lifting the OE carrier for use and at removal. All the instructions must be followed carefully.

-The child and the bearer must be properly secured to the baby carrier before use and in accordance with the instructions.

-Maximum child weight is 45lbs/20 kg.

-Please try to take regular breaks when either the bearer or the child gets tired

-Be aware of weather conditions,the child is sitting higher than you.

-The child should always wear a hat to protect it from the sun, and use sunscreen etc, in warm weather.

-Accessories and parts must only come from authorized dealers or Our Expedition Inc.

-Check the OE carrier frequently for damage before each trip and make sure all the fasteners are functioning as expected.