'We believe it’s essential to have a great carrier when traveling with kids, and in all honesty it can be hard to find something that ticks all the boxes. It’s not often we rave about a product but the OE Carrier is so good it’s hard not to brag about it!"

-- Mclellan


"We tested out OE carrier today and Avalon absolutely loves being high above everyone on Daddy’s shoulders. The carrier is comfortable for daddy too. "

- Anthon


"This carrier comes with a backpack that hooks onto the carrier itself, a waist belt for more support, as well as my favorite thing about this is the sun shade!
It was a super sunny day when we took this out and it was nice to have the sun shade that I was able to easily attach to the carrier."

- Eric

"Another awesome plus is, I can load and unload my child all by myself. I wasn’t able to do this with other carriers, and always found it a pain. It’s simple to strap him into the carrier, and he feels very secure in the seat.

We also really like how we can fold everything down into a normal back pack when we aren’t using the seat."

-Olivia & Owen