About Us

My name is Hongming Zhu, a stay-home dad for the past 8 years. Taking care of my two daughters and son, is my daily life. We now live in Vancouver BC. My family lived in Silicon Valley for 10 years, and loved nature wonders around us. Luckily, the bay area has lots of spectacular national parks and countless beautiful hikes. Ever since our first daughter was born, my wife and I stopped hiking because even a 20 minutes walk was a struggle for little Zoe. Then, my second daughter Chloe was born. So now we have two lovely but low energy kids, who want to be held all the time. We still try to enjoy outdoor activities, but most of the time I end up carrying my younger one on my shoulders, which makes my neck extremely sore. How to carry my kids on my shoulders comfortably became my No,1 task to solve. The idea started from there. I made a prototype and spent half a year testing and improving the prototype until I have the most comfortable and versatile carrier. At the same time, I also asked lots of my friends with kids to test it out and gave me feedback to ensure it would work for everybody.

Now we take our kids to the mountain, zoo, disneyland, concerts, and any places we previously could not. It truly connects us much closer to the nature and to each other!